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With summer firmly upon us, brings the unavoidable wish for transformation and renovation. Here, we will explore how the addition of cushions is an inexpensive way to renew or revive your home. We all have that need for a mini-makeover or revamp from time to time, here is how to fix it.

In Castle Davitt Furniture we have an impressive collection of affordable cushions for all your needs. We stock a huge range of Scatterbox cushions made in Navan, Co. Meath. These are high quality, feature filled cushions that bring an element of life and character to any room. Scatterbox cushions add a stylish and elegant touch to a couch along with a luxurious feel.

It is amazing how interior textiles can make an affordable, easy décor transformation to your home. Cushions are a quick and easy update for any space, and the possibilities are endless. Your living room with a sofa, carpet and neutral wall color can be changed dramatically by an arrangement of several bright coloured or patterned cushions, made of silk, satin, linen or polyester. The mood will be entirely different.

The ways that cushions can be enjoyed are limitless. Mix similar patterns with different colours, or similar colours with a variety of patterns, interesting textured fabrics that add touch of your personality to a room. Cotton, suede, leather, velvet, silk, wool cushions – each will find a place in your home.

Which colors bring which emotions?
White cushions: Pure, luxurious, modern, clean, stoic, elegant.
Pink cushions: Girlish, innocent, dreamy, soft, sweet, secure.
Orange Cushions: Fun, playful, cheerful, youthful, warm, optimistic.
Yellow cushions: Positive, childish, warm, playful, spring-like.
Green Cushions: Fresh, elegant, nature, calming, inviting.
Red Cushions: Brave, passionate, strong, erotic, powerful, strong-willed.
Brown cushions: Comfortable, earthy, nature, elegantly rich, inviting.
Blue cushions: Strong-willed, reliable, mysterious, sky, fresh, calming.
Grey cushions: Authoritative, classic, practical, corporate, modern.
Black cushions: Bold, classic, strong, elegant, seductive, luxurious.

Few things immediately alter home interior décor and add a touch of individuality, while at the same time being inexpensive and easy-made as cushions, they are well worth the investment.

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